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emergency dental options

Patients looking for relief from a tooth ache or accidental trauma, will find soothing and supportive care at Lake Forest Modern Dental.  Dr. Nguyen's philosophy of sequenced treatment plans make it clear for patients to see their dental options, and easy to move forward towards reaching their ultimate goals.  

It is our goal that patients coming in with pain or concern, leave with a feeling of comfort and confidence.

Dr. Nguyen uses state of the art equipment to diagnose, plan, and discuss all treatment options with each patient, and his conservative benefits his patients in retaining their natural teeth and smile whenever possible. 

Lake Forest Modern Dental offers many same day treatment options, such as root canal therapy, same day crown restorations, and even immediate extraction and implant placement when indicated.  

Patients can expect that if they enter our office with a dental problem, they will leave with an outstanding solution.  Ask Dr. Nguyen how he can care for your dental needs!

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