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Mother nature has endowed us with two sets of teeth, in an attempt to give us a bright and healthy smile that would last us into adulthood. Sometimes however, we may need to assist mother nature in achieving that natural, healthy and confident smile.  


Veneers are ultra thin restorations that utilize the benefits of strength that your outer tooth layer (enamel) has inherent. Veneers take advantage of supernatural bonding between the specialized porcelain and the underlying healthy tooth; merging the beauty of the veneers, with the tooth’s unique strength.  

Veneers traditionally only cover the face and edge of a tooth, requiring minimal or sometimes even no preparation (removal) of natural tooth structure.  In fact, some Lumineer cases may equal the thinness of contact lenses.  


Dr. Nguyen has taken extensive CE courses and training in cosmetic design and restorations, and each cosmetic case will go through a rigorous sequence of photography, digital imaging, and planning.  


This ensure all patients will be left with a smile that is both gorgeously life changing and made to last!  Feel free to ask Dr. Nguyen to discuss some options for photography and cosmetic planning for you.

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